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Dolphins vs Steelers weather report: Snow in the forecast

For the second straight week, the Miami Dolphins leave warm South Florida for a cold weather, northern city. While New Jersey saw some mild weather for the Dolphins' visit, it looks like Miami will not be so lucky as they face the Pittsburgh Steelers today.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing to face off in their 22nd regular season meeting, and the first time in Pittsburgh since 2007. While the Dolphins were spared poor weather in a visit to the New York Jets last weekend, it does not appear that luck will last into this weekend.

At kickoff, the forecast projects the temperature to be 29-degrees, with a windchill of 19. There's a 30-percent chance of snow at the start of the game, with the chances becoming greater as the game continues. There's an expected east wind from 10 miles per hour throughout the game.

Looking around the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens, with whom the Dolphins are tied for the final AFC Playoff position, are hosting the Minnesota Vikings, with a kickoff forecast much like Miami's with the Steelers, a greater chance of snow, starting at 70-percent and increasing throughout the contest, but also seeing a slightly higher temperature, around 33-degrees. The Tennessee Titans, who start the week a game back of the Ravens-Dolphins tie, are visiting the Denver Broncos, where it will be sunny - but 17-degrees.

The AFC East will see the New England Patriots host the Cleveland Browns in cloudy conditions with the temperature hovering right around the freezing mark, while the New York Jets will host the Oakland Raiders in identical weather. Finally, the Buffalo Bills will see some of the best weather of the weekend, traveling down to Florida to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where it will be sunny and 80-degrees at kickoff.

The Dolphins and Steelers game, as well as most of the games listed, is a 1pm ET kickoff. The Titans and Broncos have a 4:05pm ET start.