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College Football Championship Week: TV Schedule, Channel Guide, and Online Streams

We've reached the last full week of the NCAA schedule, with BCS bowl berths, conference championships, and, of course, the National Championship match up all to be decided today. What games are on when? We have the full Saturday schedule for the week.

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The college football regular season draws down today, with just the Army-Navy game remaining on the schedule by the end of the day. Today's schedule features some great matchups as the conference championship games take center stage. With bowl bids, BCS berths, and the National Championship match up all being decided today, there are plenty of games to watch.

What game is on when, and on which channel? We, of course, have the answers, thanks to SB Nation's College Football coverage. And, if you can't decide which game you want to watch in each time block, make sure you check out their full College Football TV Schedule, where they suggest the best game at each time.

Oh, and congratulations to UCF, who have already clinched their first ever BCS Bowl bid, thanks to a Louisville win over Cincinnati on Thursday. The Knights are likely headed to the Sugar Bowl, where they will either face the SEC champs, Auburn or Missouri, unless the winner between those two today manage to claim a spot in the National Championship Game; then, Alabama could be headed for New Orleans. UCF could also end up in the Fiesta Bowl, where they would face the Big 12 champion, which will be either Oklahoma State, Baylor, or Texas.

Here's the schedule for today:

12 p.m. ET No. 17 Oklahoma, 9-2 No. 6 Oklahoma State, 10-1 ABC
12 p.m. ET No. 16 UCF, 10-1 SMU, 5-6 ESPN
12 p.m. ET Marshall, 9-3 Rice, 9-3 ESPN2
1 p.m. ET Memphis, 3-8 UConn, 2-9
1 p.m. ET Fordham, 12-1 Towson, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Tennessee State, 10-3 Eastern Illinois, 11-1
2 p.m. ET New Hampshire, 8-4 Maine, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Coastal Carolina, 11-2 Montana, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Southern, 8-4 Jackson State, 8-3 ESPNU
3:30 p.m. ET No. 25 Texas, 8-3 No. 9 Baylor, 10-1 FOX
3:30 p.m. ET Furman, 8-5 North Dakota State, 11-0
4 p.m. ET No. 5 Missouri, 11-1 No. 3 Auburn, 11-1 CBS
4 p.m. ET South Dakota State, 9-4 Eastern Washington, 10-2
7 p.m. ET Jacksonville State, 10-3 McNeese State, 10-2
7:30 p.m. ET USF, 2-9 Rutgers, 5-6 ESPN2
7:45 p.m. ET No. 7 Stanford, 10-2 No. 11 Arizona State, 10-2 ESPN
8 p.m. ET No. 20 Duke, 10-2 No. 1 Florida State, 12-0 ABC
8 p.m. ET UL Lafayette, 8-3 South Alabama, 5-6
8 p.m. ET Sam Houston State, 9-4 Southeast Louisiana, 10-2
8:17 p.m. ET No. 2 Ohio State, 12-0 No. 10 Michigan State, 11-1 FOX
10 p.m. ET Utah State, 8-4 No. 23 Fresno State, 10-1 CBS