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TNF Live Thread: Texans @ Jaguars Edition

The Houston Texans travel to Jacksonville this evening to take on the the Jaguars. Join us her to discuss this game or any of the other happenings in the league this week.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game might as well be called The Teddy Bridgewater Bowl as two of the worst teams go head to head this evening. Of course the Falcon's and Vikings are both still in contention for that coveted first pick of the draft at this point. While Washington who could still wind up with the worst record on the league would have to hand their pick over to the Rams as a result of their trade up to draft RG3 who might again turn around and trade the pick for a bevy of picks as some team will gamble to turn their entire fortunes on the back of one great draft pick of a potential star quarterback.

The Texans had been favored by many to be one of the better teams going in to this season but now are officially the worst team in the NFL, at least record wise, having won only two games out of 12 this season. The Jaguars, who many assumed would be terrible has not disappointed with 3 victories to this point, although they did manged to beat the Texans in their first meeting this season to trade places at the bottom of the division. With a win tonight the Jag's will be on an amazing 3 game winning while also breaking a 7 game losing steak at home. The Texans are hoping to avoid their 11th straight loss or perhaps they are as an organization happy to sit back and watch it happen as Houston prepares for the Bridgewater welcome party.