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An Open Letter To Stephen M. Ross?

Ever wanted to tell Dolphins owner Stephen Ross how you feel? What you would like to see happen with the team that you love so dearly? Here's your chance, maybe...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We as Dolphins fans all have some level of frustration with our favorite team. Some of us have, as some of us seem to do every off season over the last several years, take to this site or other various social media outlets to claim "I am done!", or "I will be damned if this team will get another one of my hard earned dollars until they put a half way decent product on the field", Ok, I did clean those up a little (think of the children) but you get the general idea.

We all also seem to have our own list of culprits. Some blame Ireland, Philbin, Sherman or even Ross. Some say ship the entire lot out of town including a whole slew of players. Some are actually ok with the status quo as far as staff but even those folks surely see some issues that need to be addressed if this team hopes to take the next step.

So to my idea. First off I admit that this may serve zero good what so ever but at the very least it gives you, the Dolphins fan the ability to express your feelings on the matter. My idea is to put up this post where you can come and post your open letter to Stephen Ross. Put all your thoughts and feelings in writing and with any hope maybe he will read them.

In a day or two I will contact the Dolphins organization and let the powers that be know that this post is here and that it has open letters to the owner of the team that they, as fans, would like him to read and take in to consideration. Of course I am not betting on getting any sort of response but then again weirder things have happened with this site in the past.

Please, in writing your "Open Letter" keep things respectful as if there is even the slightest of chances that he might read these or that one of his representative will do so you can only hope to be taken seriously if you do not come off as...well you know. NO foul language or threats towards any person at all as your post will have to be taken down if any of the open letters contain any. Outside of that you are welcome to express your personal opinion. Also show respect for the opinions of others. You as always are open to commenting on the points they make and welcome to debate those points but stay away from personal attacks as these will result in warnings or bannings from the site.

So have at it, what would you like to tell Stephen Ross?