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Dolphins 2014 Schedule: Away game travel distances

With the Miami Dolphins' 2013 season complete after a disappointing loss yesterday, we can, unfortunately, start to look toward the 2014 season. The loss put the Dolphins in the third position in the AFC East, and solidified their 2014 opponents. Today, we look at the distances Miami will be traveling next season.

Mike Ehrmann


The Miami Dolphins lost their way out of the playoff yesterday, dropping the second half of the home-and-home series with the New York Jets 20-7. The loss also pushed Miami from second in the AFC East to third, falling behind the Jets.

With the NFL regular season complete, the Dolphins now know their 13 opponents for next season. The team will play the three teams of the AFC East twice, then one game against each team from the AFC West and NFC North, with the final two opponents being the team from the AFC North and the team from the AFC South that finished in third place in their respective divisions.

On the home schedule for next year, the Dolphins will face the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Baltimore Ravens.

As for the away teams, we have broken down the games by distance the Dolphins will have to travel for the game:

  1. Oakland Raiders (in London): 4,421 miles
  2. Denver Broncos: 1,714 miles
  3. New England Patriots: 1,225 miles
  4. Chicago Bears: 1,177 miles
  5. Buffalo Bills: 1,173 miles
  6. Detroit Lions: 1,143 miles
  7. New York Jets: 1,087 miles
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: 315 miles

In total, the Dolphins will travel 12,235 miles to play their 2014 schedule, or 24, 470 miles round trip. Taking out the Raiders game in London, Miami will travel 7,814 miles within the United States to their remaining seven contests, or 15,628 miles round trip. Miami's average distance traveled to each game is 1,529 miles, including London, or 1,116 miles in the U.S.

If the Dolphins had to go to Oakland, rather than London this year, that trip is 2,574 miles, one way, meaning the Dolphins are traveling 1,847 miles more by playing the Raiders in London. However, it's a 5,347 mile trip for the Raiders to play a "home" game in London this year. The game will be played in the 1pm ET time slot, so for Miami, despite it being 6pm in London, will be playing at their normal time, while it will be 10am for the Raiders, coming all the way from the Pacific time zone.

The opening weekend of the NFL's 2014 season will be centered around Sunday, September 7. The London game for the Dolphins and Raiders will be during Week 4, on September 28.