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Week 17: AFC East Review

All the Miami Dolphins had to do Sunday was beat the New York Jets. Sadly that didn't happen, ending Miami's season after much hope and promise. Lets take a look at what happened in the AFC East over the weekend.

Mike Ehrmann

New York Jets 20-7 Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are officially out of playoff contention with a lacklustre performance against the New York Jets. The Dolphins got off to a good start after taking a 7-0 lead in the second quarter, but the Jets fought their way back into the game with a 71 and 81 yard touchdown drive to go 14-7 up at halftime. The game was then put out of reach for the Dolphins after Geno Smith drove the football 63 yards up the field to set up a field goal for a 17-7 lead, with only 4:18 left on the clock. Then, on the next play Reed caught a deflected pass to end the contest.

However, Miami did have chances to win the game. Dee Milliner erased memory of his previous performance against Miami by making an impressive diving interception from Ryan Tannehill. And, one play before that, Mike Wallace dropped a potential touchdown pass that would have tied the game up at 14-14.

Sadly the season that was meant to be, wasn't to be. After a season that featured a bullying scandal, a four-game losing streak and a December winning run that gave the team control of their own playoff destiny, the Dolphins faltered at the final hurdle against two very beatable teams in the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. Miami's season is officially over.

Buffalo Bills 20-34 New England Patriots

The New England Patriots (12-4) swept past the Buffalo Bills (6-10) to secure the second seed in the AFC and a first-round bye. LaGarrette Blount was the star of the day as he ran for a career-high 189 yards, 2 touchdowns and returned two kickoffs for 145 yards. Stephen Gostkowski also scored 4 field goals as the Patriots made the playofffs for the 8th time in the last 14 seasons, while Buffalo have missed the playoffs for the 14th consecutive year.

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