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Dolphins 2014 schedule: Miami opponents locked in after Week 17 loss

The Miami Dolphins lost to the New York Jets today, dropping them from second in the AFC East to third. With the loss, their 2014 slate of opponents is now locked in.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins disappointing loss to the New York Jets knocked the South Florida franchise out of postseason contention, meaning for the fifth straight year, Miami will be sitting at home when the playoffs begin. The loss also moved Miami from second in the AFC East to third, falling behind the Jets, who have a tie break advantage over Miami with a better divisional record this season.

Since Miami is now locked into third place, we can take a look at their full slate of 2014 opponents, including the AFC South and North teams, which will be based on finishing order in each of the three respective divisions.


Next season, the Dolphins will play their three AFC East games , two games against the AFC West, two against the NFC North, and the team in the same position in the AFC North in Sun Life Stadium. Those teams will be:


The away side of the schedule will again feature the AFC East teams, completing the home-and-home division series, the other two teams from each of the AFC West and NFC North divisions, and the team in the same position in the AFC South. Those teams will be:

Also, of not, the Raiders game will not be held in Oakland, but will be in London as a part of the three-game International Series to be played in Wembley Stadium next year. The Dolphins will not play on the west coast next season, coming closest by going to Denver. Other than the London and Denver games, the furthest the Dolphins will travel is 1,225 miles to go to Foxboro. The closest game will be in Jacksonville, just 315 miles.

The Oakland game is also already locked into the schedule, being played in Week 4 of the season on September 28 at 1pm ET. That also means the Dolphins should have their bye week in Week 5, if the NFL continues the practice of giving teams that travel to London the next week off.