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Weather Report for Jets vs Dolphins: Thunderstorms inbound

The Miami Dolphins host the New York Jets in what will likely be a wet game in South Florida. Thunderstorms are expected throughout the game today.

Tom Szczerbowski

The New York Jets travel south to visit the Miami Dolphins today, and will get to enjoy some fine South Florida weather. No, not the sunshine, but rather the thunderstorms. Throughout this afternoon's contest, and most of the day in general, Miami Gardens, Florida will be wet and windy.

Kickoff for the game is at 1pm ET, when it will be a little over 80-degrees with an 85-percent chance of rain. The chances for continued rain decrease throughout the game, but only drop to a low of a 30-percent chance for precipitation. The wins will also be around 15 miles-per-hour during the game.

The Dolphins need a win today, as well as either a loss by the Baltimore Ravens or a win by the San Diego Chargers. The Ravens will be visiting the Cincinnati Bengals during the 1pm ET slot, where it will be around 45-degrees and cloudy at kickoff, with rain showers expected during the contest. The Chargers will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs with a 4:25pm ET kickoff, where it will be 70-degrees and sunny during the game.