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SNF Live Thread: Eagles @ Cowboys Edition

The Philadelphia Eagles travel to Arlington Texas this evening to take on the Dallas Cowboys. Join us here to discuss this game, the rest of the happenings in the NFL earlier in the day and the impending playoffs.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight will mark the third time in as many years that the Cowboys enter week 17 facing a division rival with the game being winner takes all for the NFC East title. The 9 and 6 Philadelphia Eagles travel to Arlington Texas this evening hoping to be the third team in a row to crush the hopes of the 8 and 7 Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas will enter the game down their starting quarterback Tony Romo who has been sidelined for the season following back surgery this past Friday morning. In his place back up quarterback Kyle Orton hopes to catapult his team forward for at least one more week. Making the Cowboys task more difficult is Eagles starting quarterback Nick Foles. Foles who had his worst start of the year against the Cowboys in a 17 to 3 loss in October has since returned from the concussion that he suffered in the third quarter of that same game to become possibly the best signal caller in the game at present.

In the last seven games of the season Nick Foles has led his Eagles to a 7 and 1 record. Foles has 33 touchdowns to only 2 interceptions in 9 total starts. Between Foles and Eagles back LeSean McCoy who is closing in on 1,500 yards rushing, this game figures to be a much more difficult contest for the Cowboys defense who is on the cusp of giving up the most offensive yards in the history of the team.