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A Dolphins Festivus: The Airing of Grievances

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Festivus - It's a holiday for the rest of us.

This thread comes about because Jason Scott_90 asked for it after traveling to an unholy place, one he is lucky from which he returned.  Yes, he went over to Gang Green Nation and stole their Festivus idea.

So, we bring you tonight, the Airing of Grievances.  You get a chance to tell your loved ones - or in this case the Miami Dolphins - all the ways they have let you down over the past year.  What do you want to air?  Let us know in the comments.

As for me, I know most of you will touch on the ones that come to mind for me, so I will let you enjoy.  I will, however, give one for the NFL and one from the team:

Week 17 scheduling: Yep, my grievance is something that happened yesterday.  How can the NFL keep the Dolphins/Jets and the Bengals/Ravens at 1pm ET, while keeping the Raiders/Chargers game at 4:25pm ET?  It doesn't make sense.  The Dolphins either need the Ravens to lose or the Chargers to win.  However, if the Ravens win, the Chargers cannot make the post season, so they now have nothing for which to play at their time slot.  The NFL did not help the Dolphins in any way by keeping the game times like this.

Jonathan Martin: Is there a reason you couldn't have waited until today and just aired your grievances in the locker room?

Now, it's your turn.