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Dolphins vs Bills weather report: Mild day for Dolphins in New York

The weather outside will be anything but frightful when the Miami Dolphins face the Buffalo Bills today. Despite a December contest in upstate New York, the weather seems to be cooperating for the South Florida franchise.

Tom Szczerbowski

It appears the Miami Dolphins will get some of the best weather for which they could have asked this weekend when they visit the Buffalo Bills in New York. Instead of the swirling winds, sub-freezing temperatures, and mounting snow levels, the Dolphins will see a relatively-mild day for a December in upstate New York.

This morning, there will be rain around Buffalo, but it is expected to end about an hour before kickoff. During most of the game, it will simply be cloudy, with the temperature just below 40 degrees. When you consider that Monday will see a 29-degree high, followed by a 16-degree high and snow on Tuesday, 40 degrees on a Sunday afternoon seems fairly reasonable.

Even the wind looks to be cooperating with the visitors, with the forecast predicting an East-Northeast wind at nine miles per hour.

There is a 30-percent chance that the rain will return in the last hour of the game.

Kickoff for the game is at 1pm ET.