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Patriots vs Dolphins recap: Second half pictures

Earlier this week, we took a look at the first half of the New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins game through some of the pictures I took during the contest. We now re-visit the game, looking at the second half.

The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 24-20 last Sunday. Earlier this week, we posted a photo gallery of picture I took during the first half of the game. We finally conclude the series with pictures from the second half, including a picture of the game winning touchdown pass from quarterback Ryan Tannehill to running back Marcus Thigpen, just as Thigpen crosses the goal line.

Sun Life Stadium was loud on Sunday, so loud that the chairs were shaking. It's the loudest I have heard the place, especially during the Thigpen touchdown and the Patriots last drive, leading to the Michael Thomas interception. It was a great time. Hopefully you enjoy the pictures.