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Dolphins offensive stats milestones and records

With two games remaining on the 2013 Miami Dolphins schedule, there are several players who are closing in on personal or team milestones and records. We look at the offensive players today, and who is how close to which mark.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Dolphins have not been the most dominant team this year, but neither have they been a push-over for opponents. The team has been fairly solid for most of the season, and their 8-6 record reflects that. While the Dolphins are pursuing the playoffs, there are several players closing in on personal or team milestones. This morning, we take a look at the offense.

Ryan Tannehill

  • Tannehill has thrown for 3,627 yards this year, meaning he needs to average 186.5 yards per game over the last two weeks of the season to break 4,000 yards, a club currently only populated by Dan Marino. Tannehill's 3,627 yards ranks 12th all time on the Dolphins' single season passing yardage list. Marino holds the 10th spot (1995), with 3,668 yards (41 yards ahead of Tannehill), as well as the fifth position (1985) with 4,137 yards (510 yards ahead of Tannehill).
  • Tannehill has completed 325 passes this season, seventh most in team history. With 11 completions, Tannehill will tie Marino's 1985 season with 336 completions. He's 60 completions shy of Marino's 1994 record of 385.
  • Tannehill has attempted 521 passes, the 12th highest single season mark. He is 15 shy of 10th place (Marino, 1998 - 537 attempts) and 43 short of fifth place (Marino, 1984 - 564 attempts).
  • Tannehill has a 62.4% completion rate this year. He is just behind Marino's 1994 62.6% rate for the fifth best percentage in single season team history. The 2008 season from Chad Pennington holds the record at 67.4%.
  • Tannehill has been sacked 51 times, the most in an year for any single quarterback in team history.
  • Tannehill has 219 rushing yards. He trails Jay Fiedler's all time single season record for quarterback rushing by 102 yards (321 in 2001).

Lamar Miller

  • Miller needs 122 yards to reach 1,000 rushing yards for his career.
  • Miller needs 372 yards (186 yards per game) to reach 1,000 rushing yards for the season.

Daniel Thomas

  • Thomas needs 194 yards to reach 1,500 rushing yards for his career.
  • Thomas needs two rushing touchdowns to reach 10 for his career.

Brian Hartline

  • Hartline needs 75 yards for 1,000 receiving yards this season.
  • Hartline has 72 receptions this season, the 15th most in team history for a single season. With two more catches, he will tie his 2012 season for the 10th most receptions in a season. Brandon Marshall's 2011 season with 81 receptions is fifth most in team history. O.J. McDuffie holds the team record with 90 receptions in 1998.
  • Hartline has 925 receiving yards, the 22nd highest single season total in team history. Mark Clayton is in tenth place with 1,011 yards in 1991, while Hartline is 10th with his 1,083 yards last season. Brandon Marshall's 2011 season ranks fifth with 1,214 yards; Hartline would have to average 144.5 yards per game to break the top five.

Mike Wallace

  • Wallace needs 91 yards for 5,000 career receiving yards.
  • Wallace needs 4 receiving touchdowns for 40 career TDs.
  • Wallace has 867 receiving yards this season, and needs 133 yards for 1,000 on the year.

Charles Clay

  • Clay has 684 yards receiving this season. He needs 107 yards over the next two weeks to break Randy McMichael's team record for a tight end, with 791 yards in 2004.