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AFC Playoff Picture video update from SB Nation

SB Nation Studios returns with a look at the AFC Playoff picture heading into Week 16 of the 2013 season.

The AFC Playoff picture continues to evolve as division leaders lose and Wildcard hopefuls win. Will the Denver Broncos hold on to the AFC West and the top overall seed? Could the Miami Dolphins claim not just the sixth seed, but even challenge the New England Patriots for the AFC East? Will the Cincinnati Bengals or Baltimore Ravens win the NFC North?

Currently, three of the six AFC Playoff positions are filled, with the Indianapolis Colts having won the AFC South and the Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs both locked into the postseason tournament, though they still have to decide which of the two will be the AFC West champion and which will be a Wildcard.

The other three slots will be filled by some comination of the Patriots, Bengals, Ravens, Dolphins, San Diego Chargers, or Pittsburgh Steelers. SB Nation Studios take a look at the current picture, and exactly how the postseason is stacking up.