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Dolphins Rookie Report Card: Week 15

Each week, we'll grade the performance of each 2013 Miami Dolphins draft pick and comment on their development. Here's the latest round of grades following Miami's 24-20 victory over the New England Patriots.

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DE Dion Jordan (1st Round Pick, 3rd overall). Grade: C-

Jordan played 27 snaps on Sunday, but it would have been hard to know that unless you looked it up. He made almost no impact, only recording two tackles after decent gains. On one of them, he was dragged nearly four yards by Legarrette Blount to the Dolphins' 5-yard line.

Season GPA: 2.51 Team Rank: 2nd

CB Jamar Taylor (2nd Round Pick, 54th overall). Grade: I (Incomplete)

The only inactive rookie. If Michael Thomas is truly a viable option as back up defensive back, Taylor can take his time returning (I suspect he would have anyway).

Season GPA: 1.57 Team Rank: 8th

OL Dallas Thomas (3rd Round Pick, 77th overall). Grade: C

Thomas didn't make much of an appearance, but he could be seen running a pass route in Miami's fake field goal attempt. Tragically, a botched snap deprived Thomas of his first career touchdown reception.

Season GPA: 2.00 Team Rank: 5th

CB Will Davis (3rd Round Pick, 93rd overall). Grade: D

Tom Brady took the youngster behind the woodshed. Once Davis subbed in, he immediately became a repeated target for the savvy veteran quarterback. Slot receivers Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman and Austin Collie combined to catch seven of nine passes thrown into Davis' coverage for 90 yards and a 108.3 combined target rating.

He was the primary coverage on a Brady incompletion in the endzone on the last drive, for which he was in good position and made the play difficult for the opponent. So that's a notch in the 'good play' department.

Davis recorded 51 snaps in his first competitive situation (he played 13 garbage-time snaps against the New York Jets), and looked very green. Hopefully, given some time his football talent will catch up to his physical talent.

Season GPA: 1.35 Team Rank: 9th

LB Jelani Jenkins (4th Round Pick, 104th overall). Grade: A

Up until this week, Jenkins played primarily special teams and made the rare relief appearance on defense. But on Sunday, he was asked to step in for the benched Philip Wheeler to help in intermediate coverage. The rookie did not let his coaches down, turning in a solid performance during which he did not give up a completion into his coverage and recorded a key quarterback hurry.

Solid work for a player that little had been asked from up until that point.

Season GPA: 1.86 Team Rank: 7th

Dion Sims (4th Round Pick, 106th overall). Grade: C+

For the fourth straight game, Sims caught a single pass on the same spacing route for a 6-8 yard gain. Like clockwork. His marginal blocking work is also becoming a recurrent theme.

He did have a crucial block on Charles Clay's fourth down conversion, springing Clay to gain the first-down yardage after the catch. His grade is boosted a little for making the impact play.

Season GPA: 1.93 Team Rank: 6th

RB Mike Gillislee (5th Round Pick, 164th overall). Grade: C

Gillislee did not get any offensive snaps, but continued to be a fixture on the special teams units.

Season GPA: 2.43 Team Rank: 4th

K Caleb Sturgis (5th Round Pick, 166th overall). Grade: A

There's no way of knowing exactly what Sturgis' role would have been in that botched fake field goal play, but I'm kind of sad that we never got a chance to laugh at it.

Sturgis made his only real field goal attempt and was 5-of-6 on touchbacks in kickoff work. Solid game.

Season GPA: 3.10 Team Rank: 1st

DB Don Jones (7th Round Pick, 250th overall). Grade: C

Jones played some on special teams, but did not make an impact. More notable, which was brought up by the media after the game, was why Jones didn't get any defensive work in the face of so many injuries. The answer from the coaches was that Jones hadn't had any work at nickel cornerback (neither had Michael Thomas, but nobody will complain that he got the nod).

Season GPA: 1.96 Team Rank: 3rd

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