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NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

The NFL's Week 15 schedule is complete, meaning it's once again time to update our Phinsider NFL Power Rankings. Don't have a free Phinsider account? Sign up here.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the end of the Baltimore Ravens victory over the Detroit Lions last night on Monday Night Football, the NFL's Week 15 slate of games was completed and the path way to Week 16 was set. With the focus turning to next week, we take a look at our Week 16 NFL Power Rankings.

As always, feel free to tell us who is too high or too low in the comments.

Team LW Change Week 15 Result Remarks
1 Sf_tiny_medium
2 +1 W, 33-14 at Tampa Bay A win over Tampa Bay is more impressive than a win over New York at this point, giving the top spot to San Francisco instead of Seattle
3 +1 W, 23-0 at New York Giants But these two are interchangeable at this point.
3 Den_tiny_medium
1 -2 L, 27-20 vs San Diego Gave up control of the AFC for two days. You're welcome, Denver.
4 Kc_tiny_medium
9 +5 W, 56-31 at Oakland Denver may have given up the AFC control briefly, only to get it back, but they aren't even assured of winning their division, given how Kansas City is bouncing back after losing three.
5 Car_tiny_medium
8 +3 W, 30-20 vs New York Jets Head into a Week 16 matchup with New Orleans tied for the division lead with...New Orleans.
6 Ari_tiny_medium
10 +4 W, 37-34 at Tennessee One game on the wrong side of the NFL Playoff picture cut line, but not letting up on the pursuit of that sixth seed.
7 Bal_tiny_medium
12 +5 W, 18-16 at Detroit Win out, and the defending Super Bowl champions will win their division.
8 Ne_tiny_medium
4 -4 L, 24-20 at Miami Needed Rob Gronkowski on Sunday. How much will they miss him the remainder of the year?
9 Saints_tiny_medium
5 -4 L, 27-16 at St. Louis Played in a dome, but still lost. Looks like it's only the Superdome that gives New Orleans super powers.
10 Cin_tiny_medium
6 -4 L, 30-20 at Pittsburgh "The Bengals lost this game because the Bengals sucked. Pinning the loss on one player is irresponsible. Pinning it on the refs is just dumb." - whodeyfans, Cincy Jungle
11 Mia_tiny_medium
15 +4 W, 24-20 vs New England Miami made Tom Brady sad. Sad Tom Brady makes me happy.
12 Chi_tiny_medium
13 +1 W, 38-31 at Cleveland Jay Cutler looked rusty to start the game, but pulled it together and Chicago sits atop the NFC North now.
13 Gb_tiny_medium
16 +3 W, 37-36 at Dallas Spotted Dallas a 20-point lead in the first half before dominating their way back into the game and on to a W.
14 Ind_tiny_medium
14 --- W, 25-3 vs Houston Indianapolis gave up three points during their Week 15 bye week.
15 Phi_tiny_medium
7 -8 L, 48-30 at Minnesota Laid an egg against a Minnesota team they should have easily dispatched. Minnesota has played well lately, but not 48-30 well.
16 Det_tiny_medium
11 -5 L, 18-16 vs Baltimore Did not give up a touchdown Monday night. Still lost.
17 Sd_tiny_medium
24 +7 W, 27-20 at Denver Impressive win in Denver, but it may be too little too late for the playoffs.
18 Stl_tiny_medium
22 +4 W, 27-16 vs New Orleans The good news for St. Louis is, no matter how much they they themselves out of a good draft pick position, Washington is doing everything they can to keep St. Louis on the clock early next May.
19 Tb_tiny_medium
18 -1 L, 33-14 vs San Francisco The fire Greg Schiano talk is starting again. With a foruth quarter performance in which the team gained 8-yards total, that talk should not be surprising.
20 Pit_tiny_medium
25 +5 W, 30-20 vs Cincinnati Aren't going to make the playoffs this year, but definitely can play the role of spoiler - and played it perfectly against Cincinnati.
21 Ten_tiny_medium
19 -2 L, 37-34 vs Arizona Played well enough to win, but penalties and an Arizona team looking to fight their way into a playoff spot was a bad combination for Tennessee.
22 Dal_tiny_medium
17 -5 L, 37-36 vs Green Bay Dez Bryant walked off the field early because he didn't...
23 Min_tiny_medium
27 +4 W, 48-30 vs Philadelphia Have played well lately, and finally put it all together for a win - and did it without Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart.
24 Cle_tiny_medium
21 -3 L, 38-31 vs Chicago Five straight losses for a team that looked good early this year, a team that could ride an impressive defense to more than their four wins.
25 Buf_tiny_medium
28 +3 W, 27-20 at Jacksonville Deepest sympathy and condolences to Stevie Johnson, who found out Saturday night his mother had passed away unexpectedly.
26 Atl_tiny_medium
29 +3 W, 27-26 vs Washington Fumbles and interceptions should have led Atlanta to another loss, but they were playing Washington and got the W.
27 Jax_tiny_medium
23 -4 L, 27-20 vs Buffalo Jacksonville's three game winning streak ended during a week when both Atlanta and Minnesota won, meaning a three game winning streak still put Jacksonville in position for a top three draft pick.
28 Nyj_tiny_medium
26 -2 L, 30-20 at Carolina Giving the Giants a run for the worst team in MetLife Stadium.
29 Nyg_tiny_medium
20 -9 L, 23-0 vs Seattle A record number of points were scored on Sunday. New York did not participate.
30 Was_tiny_medium
31 +1 L, 27-26 at Atlanta Move up a spot despite the loss because a 27-26 road result is a lot better than a 56-31 destruction at home..
31 Oak_tiny_medium
30 -1 L, 56-31 vs Kansas City Five turnovers from Matt McGloin and one from Terrelle Pryor was simply ugly.
32 Hou_tiny_medium
32 -- L, 25-3 at Indianapolis "Case Keenum looked like he was pulled out of the stands five minutes before kickoff to start at quarterback. Calling his performance 'hapless' is the understatement of the year." - Tim, Battle Red Blog