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Dolphins vs Patriots 2nd Quarter Recap: Patriots lead 10-7

The Dolphins head in to the locker room trailing the Patriots 10 to 7. Join us here for half time and the third quarter as the Dolphins continue to mount their comeback.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The second quarter started with Miami again at their own 6 yard line. after a couple of first downs the Dolphins drove to their own 48 where they were stopped on a 3rd and 14 and forced to punt. The Dolphins special teams then proceeded to down Fields put at the Patriots 2 yard-line. After a solid tackle of Eddleman by Brent Grimes at the 10 on third down the Patriots were forced to punt.

The Dolphins took over at their 33 and finally found some offensive success driving down to the Pat's 23 where they were forced to go for the field goal. Following a mix up on the attempt where Fields never saw the ball until it hit him in the face the Patriots recovered the fumble and took over at their own 31. With the Dolphins seeming to lack any pass rush what so ever the pats then proceed to drive down to the Dolphins 13 where Brady threw a touchdown to Patriots TE Michael Hoomanawanui.

Thanks to the Dolphins taking two of their three time out's they were left with time on the clock following the kickoff. Miami started at their own 18 with a minute and 31 seconds to go. Miami drove down to the Patriots 39 where on a 3rd and 2 Tannehill threw a touchdown to Mike Wallace. The Patriots then downed the kickoff in the end-zone, starting with 32 seconds to go in the half at their own 20. After a couple of quick runs the Pat's headed to the locker-room up 10-7.

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