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Phil Simms on Ryan Tannehill: 'There's an aura around him. He's the man.'

The Miami Dolphins host the New England Patriots this Sunday in Sun life Stadium. CBS will be televising the game, with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms providing the play-by-play and color commentary. Simms provide a quick preview of both teams this week.

Justin K. Aller

Playoff implications, a losing streak that dates back to 2009, growth as a team, AFC East and national respect. All of that is on the line this weekend as the Miami Dolphins start a three-game run through the division and look to end up in the playoff come January. It starts Sunday when the Dolphins host the New England Patriots.

You can tell he's the man. -Phil Simms about Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill

CBS will be televising the game this weekend, and they are sending their top commentary team, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, to cover all of action in South Florida. Yesterday, Simms gave a quick preview of the two teams.

About the Patriots, Simms said, "The amazing thing about the New England Patriots is that they basically had to reshape the team on the fly after losing both tight ends from last year, and of course Wes Welker. They have had injuries everywhere on the football team and here they are at 10-3. It shows you they always have a plan in place and ready to activate. It's an amazing story in the NFL to continue to do what they have done. Now we are seeing Shane Vereen catching passes, so they continuously find ways to keep weapons around Tom Brady so he can still be a productive quarterback."

When it came to the Dolphins, Simms looked at their second-year quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, "Everyone always wants to know about their quarterback. We are getting to see Ryan Tannehill late in his second year and see the improvement in his play. He shows the difference on the field physically with his throws and how he plays the game. There is a little bit of an aura around him, which you always want for your quarterback. You can tell he's the man. I think he thinks he's the man and it really shows. It's a hard line to cross as a quarterback and a football team but they are getting close to it. These last three games will show us where they are. If they are able to make that first step and become a playoff team, then go from there."

The Dolphins and Patriots kick off at 1pm ET Sunday.