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Randy Starks asked about being violated by Steelers center

The Miami Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. During the game, Miami defensive tackle Randy Starks recovered a fumble, but not without some unnecessary touching from Steelers center Cody Wallace.

Gregory Shamus

During Sunday's Miami Dolphins victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, defensive end Cameron Wake stripped Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the ball as he sacked him at the beginning of the second quarter. Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks jumped on the loose ball and several players quickly piled on him. Everyone knows that, when there's a pile for a loose ball, there's scratching, pulling, and twisting at the bottom of the mass of large men, as everyone tries to come up with the recovery. However, you don't usually hear about what Steelers center Cody Wallace did to Starks:


GIF via CBS Eye on Football.

Wallace managed to get a couple of knees into the side of Starks, then started digging his hand into Starks' backside.

After practice on Tuesday, with the above GIF going viral around the internet, Starks was asked for his thoughts on the play. "I've heard of stuff like that happening," Starks said of the actions inside a pile. "That's the first time that happened to me. If I'd known who it was at the time, I probably would have gotten thrown out. I guess it's a good thing I didn't."

Starks went on to explain that when he got out of the pile and turned around, there were two Steelers players standing there, and he did not know which one violated him. "I'm glad I didn't know who it was, because it would have gotten ugly."

Of course, the rest of the Dolphins are not letting the incident slip by without saying something to Starks. "They are getting on me," Starks remarked. He said the team has been asking if he has gotten the results from his prostate check yet. "I'm hearing it today," he added.

Head coach Joe Philbin was also asked about the play during his post practice press conference. "I didn't really study that particular play," he replied. When asked if he thought it was a dirty play, Philbin laughed and added, "I could think of other words too, but I'm not going to say them."