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NFL Power Rankings Week 15

The NFL's Week 14 schedule is complete, and it's time to take a look at our Week 15 Power Rankings. Don't have a free Phinsider account? Sign up here.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's Week 14 schedule ended last night with the Chicago ears dismantling the Dallas owboys on Monday Night Football. With the league starting to move toward Week 15, it's time for an updated set of NFL Power Rankings.

As always, feel free to tell us who is too high or too low in the comments.

Team LW Change Week 14 Result Remarks
1 Den_tiny_medium
3 +2 W, 51-28 vs Tennessee Look who finds their way back to the top of the power rankings, thanks to another 50+ point game.
2 Sf_tiny_medium
5 +3 W, 19-17 vs Seattle Good win over division leading Seattle. But, don't stand up in Candlestick Park.
3 Sea_tiny_medium
1 -2 L, 19-17 at San Francisco What a difference - and home vs road game - makes.
4 Ne_tiny_medium
4 -- W, 27-26 vs Cleveland New England was gifted a win they shouldn't have had.
5 Saints_tiny_medium
6 +1 W, 31-13 vs Carolina If New Orleans could play every game in the Super Dome, they would be unbeatable.
6 Cin_tiny_medium
7 +1 W, 42-28 vs Indianapolis Indy may be slipping, but putting up 42 points like that was impressive.
7 Phi_tiny_medium
8 +1 W, 34-20 vs Detroit Nick Foles threw an interception. The world, however, did not end - though it was trying to freeze in this game.
8 Car_tiny_medium
2 -6 L, 31-13 at New Orleans Maybe a bit of an overreaction on the drop for one of the hottest teams in the league, but New Orleans sure took it to Carolina.
9 Kc_tiny_medium
11 +2 W, 45-10 at Washington How do you cure a three-game losing streak? Visit Washington.
10 Ari_tiny_medium
12 +2 W, 30-10 vs St. Louis San Francisco's win over Seattle is all that stood between Arizona and a claim at the final Wildcard spot in the NFC.
11 Det_tiny_medium
10 -1 L, 34-20 at Philadelphia

Calvin Johnson's white washing was enough of a punishment for Detroit playing in those conditions.


12 Bal_tiny_medium
13 +1 W, 29-26 vs Minnesota Possible the most insane game imaginable, and the sixth lead change in the fourth quarter was the one that won it for Baltimore.
13 Chi_tiny_medium
16 +3 W, 45-28 vs Dallas Crushed, and that may be an understatement, Dallas on Mike Ditka night.
14 Ind_tiny_medium
9 -5 L, 42-28 at Cincinnati Well, that's not the way you normall clinch a division title. And, it's certainly not going to lend itself to celebrating that title.
15 Mia_tiny_medium
17 +2 W, 34-28 at Pittsburgh Miami ran and threw the ball well on Sunday. They almost stood and watched the last play well, also.
16 Gb_tiny_medium
20 +4 W, 22-21 vs Atlanta Aaron Rodgers could be coming back soon. Doesn't that mean Matt Flynn will be cut and signed to a big contract somewhere else?
17 Dal_tiny_medium
14 -3 L, 45-28 at Chicago May have wanted Mike Ditka to put back on his Cowboys jersey.
18 Tb_tiny_medium
22 +4 W, 27-6 vs Buffalo Started 0-8. Won 4 of last 5. Greg Schiano is either a genius, or the luckiest man alive.
19 Ten_tiny_medium
15 -4 L, 51-28 at Denver Mike Munchak is coaching for his job. Giving up 51 points isn't the statement you want to put forward.
20 Nyg_tiny_medium
18 -2 L, 37-14 at San Diego Tom Coughlin isn't on the hot seat despite missing the playoffs for the fourth time in five years. Can that be right?
21 Cle_tiny_medium
21 -- L, 27-26 at New England That pass interference call was questionable at best, and they aren't going to be penalized in the power rankings because the refs gifted New England a win.
22 Stl_tiny_medium
19 -3 L, 30-10 at Arizona An 10th straight non-winning season was clinched with this loss.
23 Jax_tiny_medium
24 +1 W, 27-20 vs Houston Continuing to Chad Henne their way into wins.
24 Sd_tiny_medium
25 +1 W, 37-14 vs New York Giants A good win to keep the playoff hopes alive in Southern California.
25 Pit_tiny_medium
23 -2 L, 34-28 vs Miami One step out of bounds killed any playoff hopes.
26 Nyj_tiny_medium
28 +2 W, 37-27 vs Oakland Geno Smith looked more comfortable this week than he has the last few weeks, and he was able to power New York past a poor defensive performance.
27 Min_tiny_medium
26 -1 L, 29-26 at Baltimore Looks like they probably dodged a serious injury to Adrian Peterson.
28 Buf_tiny_medium
27 -1 L, 27-6 at Tampa Bay EJ Manuel is drowning in the Bills offense.
29 Atl_tiny_medium
29 -- L, 22-12 at Green Bay Trying everything they can at this point to be competitive in games, but still get the top overall pick in May's Draft.
30 Oak_tiny_medium
30 -- L, 37-27 at New York Jets A defensive minded head coach with a defense that consistently collapses is not a good situation.
31 Was_tiny_medium
31 -- L, 45-10 vs Kansas City Mike Shanahan is doing everything he can at this point to get out of Washington.
32 Hou_tiny_medium
32 -- L, 27-20 at Jacksonville Eleven L's in a row equals Gary Kubiak's job.