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Richie Incognito held offensive line meetings at strip clubs

In another strange turn from the Miami Dolphins' situation surrounding Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, a report has surfaced that Incognito would hold offensive line meetings at a local strip club, and fine players who did not attend.


According to a National Football Post report from Jason Cole, the oddity of Richie Incognito and his leadership of the Miami Dolphins' offensive line took another strange twist today.  Sources told Cole that Incognito would hold regular offensive line meetings at a local strip club, with the expectation that all members of the line would attend.  Any that did not attend would be subject to a "fine" from Incognito.

The report says Incognito set up a kangaroo court, capable of doling out the punishment as he saw fit.  How much money he would require from players, or other forms of punishment required for not attending his "meetings" was not described, though it does say Incognito would mock players for failing to attend.

The National Football Post report quoted one of the sources for the article as saying, "Richie wanted to set up Richie's world as a way for everybody to act.  Richie thinks everybody should act that way."

Incognito is currently suspended from the team after allegations of misconduct were levied against him from tackle Jonathan Martin.  The second-year player, Martin, left the team on October 28 and has not returned.

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