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Richie Incognito allegedly harassed female volunteer at 2012 Dolphins golf tournament

According to a police report filed during the Fins Weekend Golf Tournament in 2012, Richie Incognito was accused of harassing a female volunteer of the tournament.

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From the 'When it rains, it pours," category, another allegation against Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito has surfaced. This one comes from a May 2012 incident at the Dolphins' Fins Weekend Golf Tournament. According to a police report filed from the incident, as first reported by the Local 10 news site in Miami, Incognito rubbed a golf club on a 34-year-old female volunteer's genitals.

The police report states that the woman was working a hole at the tournament when an inebriated Incognito harassed her. After the golf club, he then leaned against he buttocks, rubbing his genitalia on her as if dancing and was saying "Let it rain! Let it rain!" He then allegedly emptied a bottle of water on the woman's face.

Dolphins security was reportedly told of the incident, but the police were called when the woman felt they were not doing enough and Incognito refused to apologize to her. The police report does indicate former Dolphins wide receiver Nat Moore apologized for Incognito, as did some other members of the team, but Incognito never did.

According to the police report, the woman stated several people witnessed the incident, but none of them did anything to intervene. No witness statements were included in the police report, and no charges were ever pressed from the event.

The woman told News 10 that she cannot discuss the incident because she signed a confidentiality agreement.

Incognito is currently in the middle of the harassment allegations swirling around the Dolphins from tackle Jonathan Martin. Incognito has been suspended from the team as the NFL investigates the situation that led to Martin's departure from the franchise last week.

To see the full police report, click here.

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