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Dolphins Teammates of the Week: Offensive line against Bengals

The Miami Dolphins have been embattled in a controversy since last Monday. However, that doesn't mean they didn't also take the field on Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, in an overtime winning fashion. Looking back at the game, who were the teammates of the week? None other than the center of the controversy - the offensive line.

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Go figure.  The Miami Dolphins have spent the last 11 days dealing with a player leaving the team, another player being suspended, a media discussing the situation non-stop, and an NFL investigation.  Somewhere in there, they also found a way to play - and win - a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

During the game, which group of teammates played the best?  Well, the center of the controversy, the offensive line.  The Dolphins were forced to promote Tyson Clabo back into the starting right tackle position with Jonathan Martin leaving the team.  Now suspended guard Richie Incognito was injured just 14 snaps into the game, with Nate Garner suddenly thrust into the lineup at right guard, playing the final 49 snaps.

And the line played the best they have all year.  In fact, four of the top six grades according to PFF for the Miami offense came from the offensive linemen.  Center Mike Pouncey finished the game with a 2.6 grade, one tenth of a score behind quarterback Ryan Tannehill as the top graded player.  Guard John Jerry was third with a 2.2 score, while Bryant McKinnie, playing left tackle, and Clabo were tied for fifth with a 1.8 rating.  The only player with a negative grade from the offensive line was Garner, who came in with a -0.6 rating, having allowed one of the two sacks on the night.

Incognito allowed the other.

With that, the Miami Dolphins' Week 9 Teammates of the Week are Tyson Clabo, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Nate Garner, and Bryant McKinnie.

Hopefully, that offensive line is able to reproduce those kind of results on Monday night when they all start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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