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Jonathan Martin issues not limited to Richie Incognito, ESPN reports

The Miami Dolphins are trying to find their way through the Jonathan Martin allegations of player misconduct by Richie Incognito, as everyone awaits the results of an NFL investigation. According to an ESPN report, however, Martin’s allegations are not just against Incognito.


Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has been silent since leaving the team over a week ago, speaking to the team but not releasing any statements to the media. However, his representation has clearly started going on the offensive themselves.

According to an ESPN report, Martin’s agent has indicated that the issues of player misconduct he is alleging are not limited to just guard Richie Incognito. How many more players, or who is involved according to Martin’s agent Rick Smith, wasn’t reported.

The Dolphins are said to be fully cooperating with an independent investigation from the NFL. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross requested the investigation, which will be conducted by attorney Ted Wells. The results of that investigation are expected to be made public.

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