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TNF Live Thread: Redskins @ Vikings Edition

The Redskins travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings this evening. Please join us here to discuss this game or any of the other upcoming games in the NFL.

Patrick McDermott

The Redskins, having started the season slow at 0 and 3 hope a win over one of the worst teams in the NFL will help them to their first back to back wins of the season. Despite Washington's poor record at 3 and 5, Washington would find themselves only one game behind the division leading Dallas Cowboys with a win over the Vikings this evening. The Redskins go in to this evening hoping to see more consistency from starting quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin has struggled and been up and down thus far this season following his return from off season surgery after an injury suffered in last seasons playoffs. The Redskins and head coach Mike Shanahan also know that in order to continue to win they must improve on the defensive side of the ball. The Redskins enter the game ranked 30th in defense giving up an average of 398.8 YPG and 31.5 PPG.

The Vikings enter this evenings game hoping to snap a four game losing streak. The Vikings like the Redskins have struggled on defense and are also giving up an average of 31.5 points per game. No opponent on the year has scored less then 23 points against the Vikings defense. The one thing that the Vikings have going for them is what many consider the best player in the NFL, Adrian Peterson. Peterson, following a couple of sub par weeks that coincided with his own personal tragedy, seemed to have bounced back last week against the Cowboys to whom they ultimately lost. Some defensive players have begun questioning the late game play calling (Sound familiar?), specifically the lack of running plays called for Peterson, late in games.

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