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Just A Quick Reminder!

Just A Quick Reminder!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Just a quick reminder of the site rules! In recent days things have become rather heated on the site with all the news surrounding the Martin/Incognito saga (and I thought that nothing could be more heated then the Jeff Ireland debate). As always we invite you to voice your opinions but please do so in a respectful manner. Save the off color language for your buddies as some here find it offensive and we strive to keep the blog a place that is friendly for everyone. Just because you find off color language acceptable does not mean that everyone else does so please be respectful while keeping that in mind.

Also as always there are NO PERSONAL ATTACKS allowed at ANY time. Telling someone they are a moron or an idiot or pathetic (or any other unnecessary name calling) for their opinion is going to earn you a warning and a possible ban from the site based on your past history. Likewise if you sign up and your first comment is to tell someone what an idiot they are you  are probably not long for this blog. The excuse that "he/she did it first" does not fly. If you see something that you know or believe may possibly be a violation of site rules PLEASE flag it. We are all busy with our lives and work and can not always read every comment in every thread so we do miss things and need your help.

If you would like a refresher of the site rules or are new to the site and have never actually seen them they can be found here- The Phinsider Rules Of The Road This post of rules can at any time be found under the "LIBRARY" tab at the top of the page. As always if you have any suggestions as it applies to the rules or really anything else Phinsider related please email me or Kevin directly. Profiles and contact information for either of us as well as any of the other site authors can be found at the "MASTHEAD" link in the right hand column of the front page or at the bottom of the front page.

Happy blogging and remember, "Alpha loves you!".