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Dolphins free agents 2014: Power Rankings

The Miami Dolphins are half way through their 2013 season. As the season continues, we will take a look at the upcoming free agents for the Dolphins, ranking them by who the Dolphins should re-sign.

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You can call this a contract extension Power Rankings. After this season, the Miami Dolphins are set to have a ton of players hit the free agent market. As the team plays out the second half of their 2013 season, we will take a look at who among the free agents the Dolphins should re-sign.

Here's our first cut at the list:

Player Type 2013 Salary Cap Number Remarks
1 Brent Grimes UFA $5,218,750 Perhaps the steal of the free agency period, Grimes has been absolutely huge in the secondary
2 Paul Soliai UFA $7,375,000 Soliai is the rock in the middle of the Miami defensive line. The run defense is completely different without him.
3 Randy Starks UFA $8,450,000 I don't think Starks gets re-signed, but he's definitely among the top three in players who should be re-signed.
4 Chris Clemons UFA $2,750,000 Clemons is not a star, huge play every week type of safety. But he's exactly what you need as your last line of defense.
5 Nolan Carroll UFA $677,939 People love to beat up on the cornerback, but Carroll has played well this year, and should be re-signed as a depth corner.
6 Bryant McKinnie UFA $650,735 I really don't know what to do with McKinnie. I'm guessing the team is looking to draft a tackle this year, but keeping McKinnie could be an option.
7 John Jerry UFA $1,537,625 The Dolphins bring in new guard after new guard to challenge for Jerry's starting position, yet the veteran continues to hold on to it. Re-signing him could give the team at least depth on the line, if not a starter.
8 Pat Devlin RFA $480,000 With the time the team has put into Devlin, ad the fact that he is a restricted free agent, he probably ends up back in Miami for another season.
9 Will Yeatman RFA $555,000 Just like Devlin, the time developing Yeatman, and his status as a restricted free agent, will likely keep him in Miami.
10 Dustin Keller UFA $4,250,000 I love the idea of giving Keller another shot in Miami, if his knee is healthy. Keller and Charles Clay could be an impressive duo.
11 Armon Binns ERFA $303,000 Binns was looking really good in training camp before his season ending injury. As an exclusive rights free agent, the Dolphins should be able to get him back fairly cheaply.
12 R.J. Stanford RFA $630,000 Stanford could be re-signed, but with the youth at the position, plus Brent Grimes and Dimitri Patterson, bring in Stanford as another cornerback is probably not needed.
13 Austin Spitler UFA $481,765 The Dolphins already cut Spitler once, only to re-sign him when injuries started mounting. He probably is not back next year.
14 Jonathan Freeny ERFA $480,000 As an exclusive rights free agent, Freeny has a chance to stay, but the undrafted free agent would simply be depth.
15 Tyson Clabo UFA $3,500,000 Unless something drastically changes over the next few weeks, Clabo will be looking for a new team in 2014.
16 Danny Watkins RFA $555,000 I don't know what to do with Watkins. He has not been active this year, despite the team needing obvious offensive line help. He could be someone the team brings back cheaply, but nothing about how the team has used him thus far says they have to re-sign him.
17 Richie Incognito UFA $5,383,334 Is there any doubt at this point that Incognito is not coming back?

What do you think? Who is too high, or too low?

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