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Richie Incognito's Dolphins days 'done' according to report

The Miami Dolphins have suspended guard Richie Incognito for his alleged role in harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin. According to a report, Incognito played his last game as a Dolphins player on Thursday night.

Chuck Cook - USA Today Sports
He's done. -Armando Salguero's Dolphins source on Richie Incognito

During Thursday Night Football, Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito played 14 snaps before a neck stinger forced him to the sideline.  It now appears, those 14 snaps were his last in a Dolphins uniform.  Incognito is at the center of an investigation into the harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin.

On Sunday, Martin, who left the team last Monday, officially complained to the team about player misconduct within the locker room.  Included with that complaint were text message and voicemails that supported the claim.  Sunday night, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin indefinitely suspended Incognito.

According to a report today from the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, the Dolphins are already planning on never having Incognito back in uniform.  A high ranking source within the Dolphins organization told Salguero, "He's done. There are procedures in place, and everyone wants to be fair.  The NFL is involved.  But, from a club perspective, he'll never play another game here."

From a club perspective, he'll never play another game here. -Armando Salguero's Dolphins source on Richie Incognito

The Dolphins will have three choices, once the investigation into the situation is complete.  They will be able to reactivate Incognito, but it seems as though that ship has sailed.  They can elect to release the guard.  Or, they can deactivate him for the remainder of the season.  Incognito is a free agent after this year, so the team would simply allow him to become a free agent and not re-sign him.

Of course, that all assumes there is not any further punishment imposed upon Incognito from the NFL.

Whatever the case, it does not appear Incognito will ever wear aqua and orange again.

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