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DolfansNYC get set for MetLife Takeover

The Miami Dolphins are set to invade MetLife Stadium tomorrow to face the New York Jets. The players won't be the only ones taking the place by storm, however. Nearly 800 Dolphins fans will take over two sections in MetLife Stadium, thanks to some amazing work by DolfansNYC.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

How do you drive a New York Jets fan crazy? As many punchlines as you can generate to answer that question, there's one answer that we know for sure will work. Miami Dolphins fans take over their stadium, set their group ticket sales record, and dominate two complete sections of MetLife Stadium. Thanks to the hard work from the guys over at DolfansNYC, that's exactly what happens tomorrow.

The Dolphins won't be alone when they take the field against the Jets for the first of two meetings between the AFC East rivals for the year. There will be nearly 800 Dolphins fans organized together in Sections 322 and 323 of the stadium in the 2013 edition of the MetLife Takeover. Last season, as the game wound down and the Matt Moore led Dolphins (following Ryan Tannehill's injury early in the game) dominated the Jets, the 200 Dolphins fans from the 2012 version of the MetLife Takeover were heard loud-and-clear on the television broadcast chanting, "Let's go Dolphins!"

This year, there will be nearly four times as many making noise and getting after the Jets, and their fans, for the entire afternoon.

Prior to this year's event, the Jets' all-time group ticket sales record was 550-ticket. The DolfansNYC group sold 760 tickets this year. A Miami Dolphins group just shattered the New York Jets record for group ticket sales in the Jets' home stadium.

Hopefully one year, all of us can join them. I know I would love to be in the group.

Great job to Igor and all of the DolfansNYC group! Be loud, be proud, and we will all be listening for you on TV!

Go Dolphins!

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