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Thanksgiving Day Live Late Game Thread: Steelers @ Ravens

Join us here for the late Thanksgiving day game with the Steelers traveling to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After an atrocious start to the season the Pittsburgh Steelers have come to life and are finally playing good football. Despite their recent insurgence they find themselves in a log jam of team looking to claim the final playoff positions. They just happen to play one of those very teams, also with a 5 and 6 record, the Baltimore Ravens. The other teams piled up in the middle, vying for this final spot are the Titans, the Charges and of course the Jets and our own Miami Dolphins who play each other this coming Sunday. The Steelers enter the afternoon having won tree in a row by ten points or more while the Ravens are 2 and 1 over the same stretch.