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Thanksgiving Day Live Early Game Thread: Packers @ Lions

Please join us here to discuss the Packers at the Lions game. This is the early Thanksgiving day game and we will have two more threads following this one to cover both the mid day and evening games.

Leon Halip

With a healthy Aaron Rodgers at the helm it was a forgone conclusion for many that Green Bay would win the NFC East with a certain level of ease. Now that Rogers is sidelined the door to the division title has been kicked wide open. The Lions of course see this as their opening to not only win a game in the race for that title but also inflict a direct blow to the previous division favorite who now sits a game down to the Lions following their tie game last Sunday. The Lions enter the game having lost their previous two contests. Matt Flynn returns to Green Bay to try and recreate the success he had with the team the last time he was with the team and Rodgers went down. Flynn who just recently resigned with the Packers came in to last weeks game in the middle of the third quarter and manged to tie the game despite a 16 point defict at the mid way point of the third, leading the Packers to a 26-26 overtime tie.

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