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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

The NFL's Week 12 schedule is complete, and it's time to take a look at our Week 13 Power Rankings. Don't have a free Phinsider account? Sign up here.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's Week 12 scheduled ended last night as the San Francisco 49ers beat the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The bye week may have kept the Seattle Seahawks in the top spot in our Week 13 NFL Power Rankings, but the Carolina Panthers are not that far behind them, and could make a case for the number one positio.

As always, feel free to tell us who is too high or too low in the comments.

Team LW Change Week 12 Result Remarks
1 Sea_tiny_medium
1 --- BYE New Orleans is heading to Seattle this week on Monday Night Football. Great game, and will either cement the Seahawks as the top team in the league, or open up a lot of debate.
2 Car_tiny_medium
3 +1 W, 20-16 at Miami Definitely the hottest team in the league at this point. Should probably be number one, but Seattle keeps the spot because of the bye week
3 Saints_tiny_medium
4 +1 W, 17-13 at Atlanta Get a shot at the top team in the rankings next week after taking out one of the bottom two teams this week.
4 Ne_tiny_medium
6 +2 W, 34-31 vs Denver With that kind of luck, I wouldn't be surprised if New England won the Super Bowl this year....and next.
5 Den_tiny_medium
2 -3 L, 34-31 at New England Denver was up 24-0 at the half, only to lose 34-31 in overtime. Are we sure Peyton Manning isn't Miami's quarterback?
9 +3 W, 27-6 at Washington San Francisco still is not right, but they are in position to make the playoffs. Then, who knows.
7 Kc_tiny_medium
5 -2 L, 41-38 vs San Diego Losing two weeks in a row is bad. Add in that the loss to San Diego was in Arrowhead, and it's even worse.
8 Ari_tiny_medium
13 +5 W, 40-11 vs Indianapolis Longest current win streaks in the NFL: Carolina (7), Seattle (6), Arizona (4)
9 Cin_tiny_medium
11 +2 BYE Have to be starting to look in the rearview mirror wodering how Pittsburgh is getting this hot.
10 Phi_tiny_medium
12 +2 BYE Fell into second place in the division despite the bye, thanks to tie breakers with Dallas.
11 Ind_tiny_medium
10 -1 L, 40-11 at Arizona The loss was "so bad that even attempting to analyze it makes me feel tired, useless, and ultimately soul drained." - Brad Wells, Stampede Blue.
12 Chi_tiny_medium
7 -5 L, 42-21 at St. Louis Josh McCown threw for 352 yards and a 102.4 passer rating, and Chicago still lost St. Chicago. Ouch.
13 Det_tiny_medium
8 -5 L, 24-21 vs Tampa Bay A two game losing streak, but sitting up on top of the NFC North still.
14 Ten_tiny_medium
25 +11 W, 23-19 at Oakland Wins the tie breaker over Pittsburgh, who wins over Baltimore, who wins over San Diego, who wins over NY Jets, who wins over Miami. (And, yes, that's an 11 position jump for Tennessee - I've ignored them for way too long.)
15 Bal_tiny_medium
16 +1 W, 19-3 vs NY Jets Who knew that the Thanksgiving game with Pittsburgh would feature two sub-.500 teams, yet mean so much in the playoff picture?
16 Dal_tiny_medium
17 +1 W, 24-21 at NY Giants Jason Garrett is starting to take back control of the offense, and Dallas looked better for it.
17 Gb_tiny_medium
15 -2 T, 26-26 vs Minnesota Every few years, we have the "players didn't know a game could end in a tie" story. This year, it's Green Bay.
18 Cle_tiny_medium
14 -4 L, 27-11 vs Pittsburgh "It was a game that just sucked the life out of everything Cleveland fans tried to buy in to this season." - Chris Pokorny, Dawgs by Nature
19 Stl_tiny_medium
20 +1 W, 42-21 vs Chicago Ummm. Just....umm....Tavon Austin is fast.


20 Tb_tiny_medium
22 +2 W, 24-21 at Detroit Three straight wins after starting 0-8. How do Tampa Bay fans feel about Greg Schiano now?
21 Pit_tiny_medium
24 +3 W, 27-11 at Cleveland What 0-4 start?
22 Nyg_tiny_medium
18 -4 L, 24-21 vs Dallas All but knocked themselves out of the playoffs with the loss to Dallas.
23 Sd_tiny_medium
26 +3 W, 41-38 at Kansas City Impressive to go into Arrowhead and come out with the victory
24 Nyj_tiny_medium
19 -5 L, 19-3 at Baltimore Sixth in the playoff picture last week, tenth this week. Facing the team that went from seventh to eleventh this week, so we'll see how a Miami - NY Jets rivalry looks at this point.
25 Mia_tiny_medium
21 -4 L, 20-16 vs Carolina Maybe Miami can petition the league to only have to play 30 minute games. They would be awesome then.
26 Buf_tiny_medium
23 -3 BYE So you're two games below .500, and sitting at home on Sunday? Bet you didn't expect to be just one game out of the playoffs by the end of the day.
27 Jax_tiny_medium
31 +4 W, 13-6 at Houston Gus Bradley seems to have the team coming together and maybe, just maybe, looking toward a better 2014.
28 Oak_tiny_medium
27 -1 L, 23-19 vs Tennessee You think Oakland is wondering why they didn't have that Matt Flynn?
29 Min_tiny_medium
28 -1 T, 26-26 at Green Bay Kissed their sister to try to keep in the race for the number one overall pick.
30 Was_tiny_medium
29 -1 L, 27-6 vs San Francisco At least they will have a great draft send to St. Louis.
31 Atl_tiny_medium
30 -1 L, 17-13 vs New Orleans Currently picking third next April, but making a good hard charge to get to the top.
32 Hou_tiny_medium
32 -- L, 13-6 vs Jacksonville Andre Johnson said the Texans are the worst team in the league. Who am I to argue?

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