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Panthers vs Dolphins recap via SB Nation Studios

The Miami Dolphins lost, yet again, thanks to a second half collapse, yet again, to the Carolina Panthers - well, that's a first. SB Nation Studios take a look at the game.

Another week for the Miami Dolphins, another close loss that should have been a win. This time, it came at the hands of the Carolina Panthers, who, until yesterday, had never beaten the Dolphins. What started out as a dominating performance for Miami turned into another lackluster second half, with the Dolphins shut out after leading 16-6 at halftime.

Everything seemed to be going Miami's way in those first 30-minutes, with long passes to

Mike Wallace, Cameron Wake getting after Cam Newtow (even causing the Panthers quarterback to spit blood), and an interception from Nolan Carroll. Miami was rolling.

Yet, the Dolphins were still within a single score, and nearly pulled off the comeback win with a heave to the endzone that bounced off Mike Wallace's hands. Whichever way you come down on the "Tannehill should have thrown it farther versus Wallace should have caught a ball that hit him in the hands" debate, in the end, the ball was still lying on the ground, and the Dolphins had no points.

Carolina moved to 8-3 with the win, while Miami fell to 5-6.

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