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Jonathan Martin bullying investigator to talk to Jake Long

NFL investigator Ted Wells spent the last week at the Miami Dolphins team facility, talking to players, coaches, and executives about the allegations of player misconduct from Jonathan Martin. Reports now say, he is looking to talk to former Dolphins tackle Jake Long.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Miami Dolphins spent the last week with players, coaches, and executives all being interviewed by NFL investigator Ted Wells as he looks into the bullying, harassment, and player misconduct allegations that have encircled the team for the last month. With Wells completing his initial set of interviews and leaving the team facility on Saturday, it's now a former Dolphins player who seems to be on the interview list.

The allegations were brought by 2012 second round draft pick Jonathan Martin, who left the team four weeks ago today.

Multiple league sources have told Pro Football Talk that Wells would like to speak to Jake Long, the Dolphins 2008 number one overall pick. The veteran left tackle signed with the St. Louis Rams this past offseason after spending the 2010-2012 season lining up next to Incognito.

Long was the offensive line leader, and a member of the Dolphins' leadership council, prior to his departure. Richie Incognito, at the center of Martin's allegations, assumed that position with the void left by Long.

As PFT wrote, "One source explained it, Long is the guy who would intervene when Incognito arguably was going too far. Without Long on the team, no one was there to reel Richie in."

When and where a meeting between Long and Wells would happen is not known.

PFT also reported that Wells could be looking to interview former teammates and coaches of Martin's at Stanford. Wells could be looking into how Martin interacted with his former teammates, and if the tackle used language similar to what it is said he used, and what other Dolphins players used, prior to becoming a professional. Wells could also be looking to see if Martin has made any comments around the Stanford football team, where he has been on the sidelines for games recently, about why he left the team.

When Wells left on Saturday, he said in a statement that he will spend the next few weeks working on his report. There is no timetable on when the report will be submitted to the NFL. It is expected to be made public once it is finalized.

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