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Panthers vs Dolphins weather report

The Miami Dolphins will host the Carolina Panthers this afternoon. It's going to be a wet one at Sun Life Stadium.


The Carolina Panthers head south to face the Miami Dolphins this afternoon. Last week, with the Dolphins hosting the San Diego Chargers, the rest of the country seemed to be battling high winds, cold weather, and even some snow, but Miami was hot, humid, and sunny. It's not that way this week.

The game will start around 80°F, with 67% humidity, in a part;y cloudy sky. Winds are expected to be around 15 miles-per-hour, heading north. By the time the game ends, that partly cloudy sky will likely have turned to rain. It's actually a little better than the forecast from yesterday, where the rain was expected to start much earlier in the day and last all game long.

As you can see from the map, Miami's rain will not be the only game with weather having an impact. In Kansas City, where the Chargers are visiting, the temperatures have dropped to below freezing, while in Green Bay, the temperature may get up to 20°F and there is a possibility for snow, though it will likely come after the game ends. Cleveland is going to be somewhere in the upper 20s throughout the game, though it's going to be windy throughout their contest with the Pittsburgh Steelers, meaning it's going to feel around 13°F during the game. In Baltimore, the Ravens are hosting the New York Jets, where it's going to be just above freezing, with a windchill in the low 20s, and high winds. Finally, the New England Patriots will welcome the Denver Broncos tonight, where Foxboro will see temperatures around 20°F at kickoff, with 22 miles-per-hour wind dropping the windchill down to 5°F.

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