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Saturday Night Random Live Thread: Rob Ford, Thanks For The Distraction Edition

Saturday Night Random Live Thread: Rob Ford, Thanks For The Distraction Edition

Tom Szczerbowski

In recent weeks the Miami Dolphins, as an organization has taken it on the chin in the arena of public opinion. I knew thing's had gotten way out of hand when my local news, here in the DFW area, where most people are all about the Cowboys and do not even realize there are 31 other teams, had a story on the entire Martin/Incognito fiasco nearly every news cast. Then comes the EPIC GREATNESS of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. In what is becoming if not the most over the top political scandal of all time is at the very least becoming the most hilarious political scandal of all time, Rob Ford has dominated the news as far as scandals. The Rob Ford story is not only timely but also quite entertaining. I don't know about you but as a ardent Miami Dolphins fan I would like to personally thank Mr. Ford for taking the spotlight off of my beloved Dolphins and turning the eyes of the scandal loving media north, at least for a little while.

Here's to you Mr. Ford!


Rob Ford's Greatest Hits!

And Finally, Rob Ford The Movie!

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