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TNF Live Thread: Saints @ Falcons Edition

Two teams going in seemingly different directions meet in tonight's Thursday Night Football showdown. The 8-2 Saints travel to Atlanta to take on the 2-8 Falcons. Please join us here to discuss this game or any of the other happenings in the NFL this week.

Stacy Revere

Oh how the mighty have fallen... Going in to this season most of the talking heads as well as most fans saw the Falcons as one of the teams that would be the class of the NFL, NFC and even a popular pick to take home this seasons Lombardi trophy. This time last season the Falcons held the best record in the NFL and the Saints, still reeling from the suspension of their head coach and players as well as one of the worst defense's in the league where having a terrible season. Now it seem as if the two teams decided to switch places, at least in direction this off season without notifying any of us.

The Saint's have seemingly rebounded to regain one of the top spots in the NFL with the return of head coach Sean Payton and the addition of Rob Ryan as the defensive coordinator. After finishing last season with a sub par 7 and 9 record they now sit at 8 and 2 ten games in to their season. One time Miami Dolphins free agent candidate Drew Brees is also having yet another one of his fine seasons behind center. Thanks a lot Saban!

The Falcons have not had the same luck this season that has carried them in to the off season every year since starting quarterback Matt Ryan arrived in Atlanta. The combination of a poor running game, poor defense and a stack of injuries has led the Falcons to a dismal 2 and 8 record. Following a season that saw Atlanta post the NFC's best record at 13 and 3 some are now discussing the idea of the team landing the first pick in the 2014 draft and even the possibility of replacing Matt Ryan. Oh how the mighty have fallen...

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