Know Thine Enemy: Panthers Edition

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Phinsider members and Dolphin fans! Jaxon from Cat Scratch Reader here to answer your questions prior to our game this Sunday. If you have any questions about the Panthers and/or our match-up feel to ask them in the thread. Either myself or another member of the CSR staff will try to give you an honest answer.

I'll go ahead answer some of the obvious questions. Hell of a MNF game huh? Obviously I thought the refs made the right call on that final play, but only because there was no way Gronk was going to beat Lester to the ball. That's my version and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Also, regardless of whether you love or hate Cam Newton one thing most can agree on is the guy is fun to watch. The 14 yard scramble (estimated at 75 yards in actually running) he had might be one to consider for play of the year when its all said and done. Though I'm still not sure if Newton has what it takes to win a Super Bowl he now at least gives us hope. Of course suddenly having a stingy defense doesn't hurt either. Which is something the Dolphins have in common with the Panthers. I would venture maybe even a better defense; certainly a better pass rush. But I digress...

So if you have any questions fire away!

Also, I've added an opinion poll about Panthers WR Steve Smith as I'm curious what your fanbase thinks of him given how brash and controversial he can be on the field. Plus he's good for a funny post game quip every now and then, like MNF's post game 'Ice up, Son!'. If you missed it follow this link to take a look. Instant Smitty classic.


Update: I should go ahead and apologize in advance for any Panther fans that troll this post or Phinsider this weekend. We've had a few bad actors who don't know how to handle winning without being jackasses. We are trying to weed them out of CSR but I can't keep them from coming over no matter how much I plead with the membership not to do it. Phinsider editors feel free to ban the bad actors as they rear their ugly heads.

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