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Dan Marino discusses Dolphins Code of Conduct Committee

Last week, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced the creation of a committee designed to establish a new code of conduct for the team. Included on that committee is Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who was asked about the committee on CBS' pregame show.

Streeter Lecka

As the Miami Dolphins look for answers to exactly what caused Jonathan Martin to leave the team amid allegations of player misconduct by Richie Incognito, and possibly others, owner Stephen Ross announced the formation of a committee designed to help the team develop a new code of conduct. The committee, which includes Hall of Fame coach Don Shula, Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, Dolphins Ring of Honor defensive end Jason Taylor, Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, and Suepr Bowl Champion coach Tony Dungy, will meet after the season and will look at ways to make the Dolphins locker room, and the entire franchise, a model organization.

During the CBS pregame show, The NFL Today, yesterday, show host James Brown asked Marino about the committee. Marino responded:

"Mr. Ross called me last Sunday night after the show. I didn't talk to him Sunday night, but talked to him Monday, and he asked me to be part of the committee to make recommendations and look at what has gone on there after the NFL investigation is over and after the Dolphins go through their investigation. I'm proud to be a part of it. I've been a Dolphin for life. If I can help in any way, I'm going to help. It's really to take a look at what's normal for locker room situations and what's not normal."

Brown followed up, asking, "I understand that you're iconic when it comes to the Dolphins. Let's be clear, is it just a PR move on their part?"

Marino replied, "I wouldn't do it if it was just a PR move. I don't think it is. I think Mr. Ross is very sincere about getting it fixed down there and doing the right thing."

The NFL's investigation into the Martin situation is expected to continue this week as the appointed investigator, Ted Wells, meets with members of the team and the organization. Wells met with Martin on Friday for over seven hours.

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