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Chiefs vs Broncos Sunday Night Football online stream

Did you know that NBC streams their Sunday Night Football coverage on their website, giving you a free - and legal - way to watch the game online?


The game of the week on the NFL's Week 11 schedule is tonight's Sunday Night Football meeting between the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, just one game behind KC. Of course, SNF is a nationally televised game on NBC, meaning just about everyone with a TV will be able to find the game. But what if you are out? Or you aren't able to get NBC for whatever reason. That's where will come in.

NBC and the NFL have teamed up to make sure that every Sunday Night Football game is streamed, for free, online - LEGALLY. That's right, there is a legal, free stream for you. Head over to SNF All Access on

The games are only available in the United States and its territories.

Even if you are watching the game on TV, you may want to check out the SNF All Access. They provide multiple camera angles you can select and watch, as well as a DVR functionality and NBC personalities giving you a different bit of analysis.

While the streaming is limited to just the Sunday Night Football game, at least it's one game each week that is legally online. Eventually, hopefully, more games will be streamed as well - even if the NFL has to make it a pay package like Game Rewind or Preseason Live.

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