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Weather to impact NFL games this week, but not Miami

This week, there are numerous NFL games which will be facing adverse weather conditions including severe thunderstorms, wind, snow, and tornado concerns. In Miami, it's going to be sunny and hot.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to South Florida. While the rest of the NFL is dealing with weather issues today, the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins will enjoy a sunny, warm day in Sun Life Stadium. The worst part of the day will likely be the 67% humidity, which could be a bonus given the Chargers are used to heat, but not the Florida humidity. There will be 10-12 mph winds during the game, at the heat index will have it around 85°F during the game.

In comparison, the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals will both be hosting contests in 35-45 mph winds, with the possibility of severe thunderstorms, and possibly tornadoes. The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are facing wind and rain, including gusts potentially up to 60 mph, during their AFC East contest.

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