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Jonathan Martin completes interview with Wells, says not discussing in public is "right way to handle"

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin spent the day talk to NFL investigator Ted Wells about the allegations of player misconduct Martin has made. After the meeting, Martin made a comment about not commenting to the media.


Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin spent seven hours today speaking to investigator Ted Wells as the NFL tries to get to the bottom of the situation that led Martin to leave the team and allege player misconduct by guard Richie Incognito. As he left the building, Martin said he does "not intend to discuss the matter publicly." He added, "This is the right way to handle this matter."

Of course, not wanting to fight this battle in the media is an interesting comment from Martin, given the leaks and comments that have been coming from his representation. It's absolutely the right thing to say, but clearly his lawyer and agents have been using the media to stir up the scandal, and have been firing off salvos at the Dolphins, and their players, over the past three weeks. So, Martin may want to go ahead and get the people representing him to stop discussing this case, or leaking bits and pieces of it, to the public.

Wells was appointed by the NFL as an independent investigator in this case. He is believed to have already spoken to some Dolphins players about the situation, but no timeline for completion has been made. The report is expected to be made public once it is complete.

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