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Jonathan Martin arrives in New York for investigation hearing

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin arrived in New York this morning to meet with attorney Ted Wells about his allegations of player misconduct against Richie Incognito.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has arrived at the offices of attorney Ted Wells in New York City to give his side of the charges of player misconduct he is alleging against the team and guard Richie Incognito. Martin left the team nearly three weeks ago, and has not made a public statement since the situation began.

Wells is the NFL appointed independent invesigator in charge of figuring out exactly what happened with Martin and the Dolphins.

Martin's allegations led the team to suspend Incognito, who filed a grievance yesterday against the team.

Martin refused to make any comments as he arrived at Wells' office, with his attorney David Cornwell, despite the rush of reporters surrounding him as he entered the building.

There is no timetable on Wells completing his investigation, but he has said the report will be made public once it is complete.

The Dolphins will host the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

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