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NFL Week 11 Winner Picks: Phinsider Contributor Pool

Thursday Night Football returns tonight with the Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans. As we do every week, some of the Phinsider contributors picked the winners for each game this week.

Scott Cunningham

Week 10 of the NFL season was an ugly one for all of the Phinsider contributors in our picks pool.  The top record for the week was 8&6, with both Duke and James Ferreira taking the top spot.  James McKinney claimed second at 7&7, then Brian Naidus, Sean Donnovan, and I all tied at 6&8, with KDog92 bringing up the rear at 5&9.  Will our Week 11 NFL picks pool be any better?  Let's hope so.

Here are our picks for Week 10 of the NFL season:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney Sean Donovan KDog92 Brian Naidus Chris Early James Ferreira
87&60 92&55 88&59 93&54 85&62 91&56 93&54
Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Ind_tiny_medium Ind_tiny_medium Ind_tiny_medium Ind_tiny_medium Ind_tiny_medium PENDING Ind_tiny_medium
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Nyj_tiny_medium
Buf_tiny_medium Nyj_tiny_medium Nyj_tiny_medium Buf_tiny_medium PENDING Nyj_tiny_medium
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atl_tiny_medium Atl_tiny_medium Atl_tiny_medium Atl_tiny_medium Tb_tiny_medium
PENDING Tb_tiny_medium
Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Det_tiny_medium Det_tiny_medium Det_tiny_medium Det_tiny_medium Det_tiny_medium PENDING Det_tiny_medium
Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Phi_tiny_medium Phi_tiny_medium Phi_tiny_medium Phi_tiny_medium Phi_tiny_medium PENDING Phi_tiny_medium
Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars Jax_tiny_medium
Ari_tiny_medium Ari_tiny_medium Ari_tiny_medium Jax_tiny_medium PENDING Ari_tiny_medium
Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Hou_tiny_medium Hou_tiny_medium Oak_tiny_medium Oak_tiny_medium Hou_tiny_medium PENDING Hou_tiny_medium
Baltimore Ravens at Chicago Bears Chi_tiny_medium Chi_tiny_medium Chi_tiny_medium Chi_tiny_medium Chi_tiny_medium PENDING Bal_tiny_medium
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Cin_tiny_medium Cin_tiny_medium Cin_tiny_medium Cin_tiny_medium Cin_tiny_medium PENDING Cle_tiny_medium
San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins Mia_tiny_medium Mia_tiny_medium Mia_tiny_medium Mia_tiny_medium Mia_tiny_medium PENDING Sd_tiny_medium
Green Bay Packers at New York Giants Nyg_tiny_medium Nyg_tiny_medium Nyg_tiny_medium Nyg_tiny_medium Nyg_tiny_medium PENDING Nyg_tiny_medium
Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Sea_tiny_medium
Sea_tiny_medium Sea_tiny_medium Sea_tiny_medium Sea_tiny_medium PENDING Sea_tiny_medium
San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints Saints_tiny_medium Saints_tiny_medium Saints_tiny_medium Saints_tiny_medium Sf_tiny_medium PENDING Saints_tiny_medium
Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Den_tiny_medium Den_tiny_medium Den_tiny_medium Den_tiny_medium Den_tiny_medium PENDING Den_tiny_medium
New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers Car_tiny_medium
Car_tiny_medium Car_tiny_medium Car_tiny_medium Ne_tiny_medium
BYE WEEK: Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Rams

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