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Richie Incognito files grievance against Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins indefinitely suspended guard Richie Incognito following allegations of player misconduct from tackle Jonathan Martin. Now, the guard has filed a grievance against the team in an effort to get back his pay.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito on November 3 after allegations of player misconduct from teammate Jonathan Martin were filed.  The suspension was listed as "indefinite" by the Dolphins, though under the collective bargaining agreement, the team can only suspend Incognito for four games.

They can fine him an additional pay check.

In all, Incognito stands to lose around $1.3 million from his $4 million salary.

Enter the NFL Players Association.  As happens with every suspension, and has been expected in this case, Incognito and the NFLPA officially filed their grievance against the Dolphins today, according to a report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen.  The grievance will be heard by a neutral arbitrator, and Incognito has requested an expedited hearing.

The arbitrator will decide whether to uphold the suspension of Incognito, or overturn it, in which case the Dolphins will have to carry him on their roster, or release him.

There's no set timetable for the hearing.

[Hat tip to Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace]

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