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Dolphins assistant: Incognito-Martin 'most overblown story'

The drama around the Miami Dolphins and the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin drama has slowed some over the past few days. However, that doesn't mean there's no news about the situation. Yesterday, some reporters overheard a Dolphins assistant describe the situation as the "most overblown story."

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There are not as many reporters hanging around the Miami Dolphins facilities the last few days, as the drama surrounding the team, tackle Jonathan Martin, and guard Richie Incognito, has quieted somewhat. Everything seems to be on hold as the NFL begins their investigation, with attorney Ted Wells scheduled to meet with Martin on Friday.

Of course, just because things have slowed does not mean there is no news. And, it also doesn't mean the team themselves aren't still talking about the situation. That's the scenario from yesterday.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel's Chris Perkins reported that he and another reporter overheard a Dolphins assistant coach as saying, "This is the most overblown story. Everybody knows Richie has a past."

That was the extent of the overheard conversation, so exactly what the coach was discussing isn't exactly known. However, it does lend itself to questions about why Incognito was permitted to be on the team's "Leadership Council." The council, which is the Dolphins' version of permanent captains, is voted upon by the players. With everyone knowing "Richie has a past," though, why didn't the coaches veto his placement on the council?

According to reports from last week, Incognito allegedly assaulted a female volunteer during the "Fins Weekend Golf Tournament," rubbing her genitals with a golf club, suggestively dancing behind her, and pouring a bottle of water on her face. The team has said they handled that situation immediately following the incident, and the woman has said she signed a confidentiality agreement, preventing her from commenting, and suggesting a financial settlement was made. However, with that happening this spring, it again asks, why was Incogntio allowed to be a "leader" on the council?

The main source of the drama going on around the team, and leading to the current suspension Incognito is serving, is, of course, the allegations of player misconduct coming from Martin, and seemingly directed to Incognito. Martin's lawyer has presented the situation as a year-and-a-half long torment of his client, at the hands of Incognito, and possibly other players. However, there is some obvious feeling from the team and some fans that this entire situation has been overblow by the media. Is that what the unnamed Dolphins assistant was referencing in the overheard quote?

Of course, we cannot and will not know. Maybe we are all reading too much into one small snippet of a conversation. But, it is interesting to hear that, at least one assistant coach, feels the story may be "overblown."

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