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Jonathan Martin meeting with Stephen Ross delayed

The meeting with tackle Jonathan Martin announced by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross yesterday has been postponed, it was announced today. The meeting had been scheduled to take place tomorrow.

Al Messerschmidt

The Miami Dolphins have announced that the meeting scheduled for tomorrow between team owner Stephen Ross and tackle Jonathan Martin has been postponed.  Ross first announced that he would be meeting with Martin during a press conference yesterday, then was handed a note saying the meeting had been scheduled for Wednesday.  However, that meeting is put on hold per a request from the NFL.

The league would prefer Ross did not meet with Martin until after investigator Ted Wells completes his meeting with the second-year tackle.  "Ted Wells and the National Football League have asked that we delay our meeting with Jonathan Martin until they have the opportunity to meet with him first," Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel said in a released statement today. "Out of deference to the process, we will cooperate with their request. We look forward to meeting with Jonathan directly as soon as possible."

Martin left the team over two weeks ago and has alleged player misconduct from guard Richie Incognito.  The team has suspended Incognito and asked the NFL to conduct the investigation into the situation.  Well is scheduled to meet with Martin on Friday.

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