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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Turmoil across the rankings, Dolphins choke way down toward bottom

Tuesday morning means it's time for the Phinsider's NFL Power Rankings. Here's a look at how the 32 NFL teams rank heading into Week 11. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

Mike Ehrmann

After that mess that was the Miami loss to Tampa Bay last night on Monday Night Football, the Week 10 NFl schedule is complete. That means it's time to take a look at our Week 11 NFL Power Rankings.

Tell us who you think is too high, or too low, in the comments below:

Team LW Change Week 10 Result Remarks
1 Kc_tiny_medium
1 0 BYE The only undefeated team won't get toppled out of the top spot just because they had a bye.
2 Sea_tiny_medium
2 0 W, 33-10 at Atlanta Marshawn Lynch had 27 fewer yards rushing than Matt Ryan had passing.
3 Den_tiny_medium
3 0 W, 28-20 at San Diego Get their first of two shots at undefeated Kansas City this week.
4 Ne_tiny_medium
5 1 BYE The two AFC East teams playing this week lost, meaning it was a good bye week for New England.
5 Saints_tiny_medium
7 2 W, 49-17 vs Dallas You simply do not mess with New Orleans in the Superdome. It's a bad idea.
6 Car_tiny_medium
12 6 W, 10-9 at San Francisco Carolina is for real.
7 Det_tiny_medium
10 3 W, 21-19 at Chicago Great week for Detroit. Beat Chicago and Green Bay lose to take control of the NFC North.
8 Sf_tiny_medium
6 -2 L, 10-9 vs Carolina Colin Kaepernick is back to looking wrong.
9 Chi_tiny_medium
8 -1 L, 21-19 vs Detroit Lots of Ls at the top of the power rankings and the loss to another top 10 team this week keeps the Bears somehow in the top 10.
10 Nyj_tiny_medium
14 4 BYE A four position jump for the bye week tells you how bad the middle of the pack was this week
11 Cle_tiny_medium
15 4 BYE See above.
12 Gb_tiny_medium
9 -3 L, 27-13 vs Philadelphia They signed Matt Flynn. That should tell you everying.
13 Ind_tiny_medium
4 -9 L, 38-8 vs St. Louis This team is better than 13 - but not after that stinker of a performance.
14 Bal_tiny_medium
17 3 W, 20-17 vs Cincinnati This team yo-yos up and down the charts more than Dallas somehow.
15 Cin_tiny_medium
11 -4 L, 20-17 at Baltimore Cincinnati could have run off and hidden with the division. Guess they didn't want to do that.
16 Phi_tiny_medium
18 2 W, 27-13 at Green Bay Not sure a win over Green Bay should count for a whole lot at this point.
17 Dal_tiny_medium
13 -4 L, 49-17 at New Orleans Going into the Superdome is bad.
18 Ari_tiny_medium
25 7 W, 27-24 vs Houston Arizona is some how 5-4 and no one really knows it.
19 Nyg_tiny_medium
26 7 W, 24-20 vs Oakland Dallas losing keeps the 3-6 New York in the hunt for the division.
20 Stl_tiny_medium
27 7 W, 38-8 at Indianapolis That was simply impressive.
21 Atl_tiny_medium
20 -1 L, 33-10 vs Seattle In Seattle, this result might have made sense. In Atlanta, it doesn't.
22 Sd_tiny_medium
21 -1 L, 28-20 vs Denver Still actually in the playoff hunt somehow.
23 Ten_tiny_medium
19 -4 L, 29-27 vs Jacksonville Hahaha, Tennessee lost to a team that had not won all year...oh....wait...
24 Mia_tiny_medium
16 -8 L, 22-19 at Tampa Bay Just...just....I've got no words.
25 Min_tiny_medium
31 6 W, 34-27 vs Washington Sneaks in a second win to stay ahead of Jacksonville and Tampa Bay.
26 Was_tiny_medium
22 -4 L, 34-27 at Minnesota Washington is doing everything they can to stay out of a bad division title race.
27 Tb_tiny_medium
30 3 W, 22-19 vs Miami Congratulations on a first win!
28 Buf_tiny_medium
23 -5 L, 23-10 at Pittsburgh Buffalo simply looks lost right now.
29 Pit_tiny_medium
29 0 W, 23-10 vs Buffalo Simply put, I don't know what to do with Pittsburgh, so they sit still this week.
30 Jax_tiny_medium
32 2 W, 29-27 at Tennessee Win number one on the season.
31 Oak_tiny_medium
24 -7 L, 24-20 at New York (N) Gets bumped lower than a 3-6 record maybe should have them, but two straight losses and wins for the other bottom teams lands them here.
32 Hou_tiny_medium
28 -4 L, 27-24 at Arizona Seven straight losses definitely deserves the last spot.

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