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Dolphins vs Buccaneers final score: Buccaneers 22-19 for first win of the season

The Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reached the end of their Monday Night Football contest. The Buccaneers come away with the 22-19 win.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What a game.  First the Miami Dolphins looked like they were imploding.  The the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked like, well the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Then the Dolphins went back to not being able to stop the run, and the Buccaneers took a late lead.  In the end, we had a Monday Night Football contest that was simply ugly most of the way and ended with the ugliest possibility for Miami, losing to a winless team.

The game was never pretty, with the Dolphins clearly having a hangover from the Jonathan Martin situation,  The team could not get out of their own way, and could not get in the Buccaneers way, during the first quarter, with Tampa Bay taking a 10-0 lead after one.

It didn't really get better through most of the second quarter, as the Buccaneers added a safety and a field goal.  But, then something clicked and the offense woke up.  Miami took the next 19 points, to reclaim the lead at 19-15.  But, a failed two-point conversion would come back into play, as the Buccaneers claimed a touchdown early in the fourth quarter, and a 22-19 lead.  Now, the Dolphins were playing with a field goal tying instead of a field goal to win.

But, it didn't mater.  The Dolphins would never get into position to even try the field goal.  With three minutes to go in the game, the Dolphins got the ball back.  Two miserable sacks later and a dropped third down pass, Ryan Tannehill heaved the ball down the field, where Mike Wallace watched Darrelle Revis intercept the ball, and essentially end the game.

And, the Buccaneers win their first game of the season.  The Dolphins miserable week just gets even worse.

To express how miserable that game was, Miami finished it with two yards rushing.  Two.

More will come later.  I'm done for now.  That was pathetic.

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