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Jonathan Martin still wants to play, feels cannot do it in Miami

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin wants to return to football, according to an ESPN report, but feels like he cannot do it with the Dolphins. He will likely try to get a release from Miami.


According to an ESPN report, Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin feels like he cannot return to the team, despite wanting to continue playing football.  Sources have told ESPN that Martin is "relieved" to be away from the franchise, where he feels like he was "picked on" for a year-and-a-half.  Martin, the source said, tried to befriend his teammates in an effort to end what he feels was harassment.

Martin left the team two weeks ago, then alleged player misconduct toward the Dolphins, specifically guard Richie Incognito.  The Dolphins suspended Incognito after receiving the initial allegations.  Yesterday, an interview between Incognito and Fox Sports' Jay Glazer aired, with Incognito stressing that he and Martin always communicated in a crude method, insulting each other.  Incognito said, while the word choices were wrong, he and Martin were friends and he wishes he had known Martin was hurting.

The ESPN report says Martin will provide his side of the drama eventually, but prefers to get space from it all right now.  He is in California with his family and is receiving treatment for "an undisclosed reason," a treatment that has widely been reported as for an "emotional issue."

The NFL, at the request of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, is investigating the situation.  They appointed attorney Ted Wells last week, and he is expected to interview Martin this week.  There is no timetable on when the report will be completed, but it is expected to be made public.  The NFL and NFLPA are both expected to ensure the report is fair, with no pre-conceptions included in the final publication.

The Dolphins take to the road to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers without two starting offensive linemen tonight on Monday Night Football.

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